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Detroit native I.B. Alexander swapped the Motor City's energy for the sunshine of Tampa, Florida. There, he builds a life with his wife, Marjorie, and their feline first mate, Sebastian. By day, I.B. navigates the world of finance, but his true passion lies in crafting captivating stories.

When crunching numbers take a break, you can find him:

Lost in the melody: Music ignites his creativity, whether crafting original pieces or jamming with loved ones, his trusty guitar always close by.

Casting a line: He seeks peace and quiet on a fishing trip, a chance to reconnect with nature.
Embracing adventure:

Any activity in the great outdoors, from hiking to rafting, sparks his imagination.

The global pandemic became a turning point. With newfound focus, I.B. poured his energy into writing. The result? His debut novel, the first installment in a thrilling three-book series. Buckle up and get ready to be swept away by his imaginative world!